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Our Company

R&D INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED - World-class provider of company equity and investors' services, with unsurpassed professional expertise, R&D's HQR&D Share Registry and Investor Services can help you meet the challenges of today's competitive global equity marketplace.

From record keeping to corporate actions, New Issues, Sahre Registry, IMIS’s®, suite of solutions is based on a solid foundation of professional expertise, quality processes,technology driven services and a long-term commitment to services.

Working with you from concept to implementation, R&D Infotech delivers a disciplined project management approach to shareholder and investor information, administration, solicitation and communication services.

R&D INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED - icons IMISTM, Investors, Management Information System is one of the most recognized services in advertising.

Shareholders and investors can manage their accounts easily and efficiently through our web site -- IMIS ServiceDirect.